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Kevin Douglas Martin Gets Visit From FBI Agents For Threatening NOAA National Weather Service

Martin, who runs and other weather sites, briefly posted a video of his meeting with the agents before deleting it. The footage, which was later deleted but reposted by The Vane, shows Martin admitting that he used “a bunch” of accounts to harass the agency online, while defending his actions.

“What happened on the Facebook page?” one agent asks. “Me talking sh*t,” Martin replies. “And guess what? That’s not against the law.” Martin’s websites promote themselves as providing more accurate weather models than the NWS or other government agencies. According to The Vane, he also operates websites that claim to measure government-run “chemtrails” and “HAARP waves.”

Kevin Douglas Martin Threatening NOAA National Weather Service

Agents visited me over a non-credible threat they cannot get me on. Infact, nothing I say has ever been a credible threat. The very fact is the government is powerless against me and I take pride daily in beating them at their games.

The US Court system is DESIGNED to put people away so that the country can get funds for prisons and such. It’s a system. Every ticket you get from the police, every sentence you get in court, everything is designed with MONEY in mind. It never favors you.

I walk that fine line of delivering threats in a way that CANNOT ever be convicted and IF TRIED i’ll act as my own attorney and smash it down and win in court. No attorney can be as tough as I can be knowing what freedoms we all have in this country and what this country stands for.

I don’t have to stand behind a Guy Fawkes Mask to tell it how it is and tell the government to Fuck themselves. I will NOT be a pawn in their money game. I just won’t. None of you should either. Till everyone does what I do and stands up to these idiots they will forever lock the citizens up for pity crimes.

Imagine this … My big brother is in prison for 7 years for hitting someone. Someone who hacks someone is in for 10. Is there something wrong with that picture? There is … The system is there to Fuck you on the most petty of crimes because more time = more money for the government in funding.

I will never be convicted because I fight for what is the true law … and that law is the people have the power, not the government. That is the law the country was founded on and I’ll be damned if they try to remove that from us.

Kevin Douglas Martin Threatens GOOGLE

The FAKE meteorologist and scam artist threatens Google! Beware of his web site or sites, it is a complete fraud.

Kevin Martin threatens Facebook For Deleting His Weather Accounts.

The Weather Channel Calls Out Kevin Martin’s Weather Alert Central

Kevin Marrtin is a fool. He makes bogus predictions that alarm and misinform. He’s the Alex Jones of meteorology. He’s making wild predictions that almost never come true, and if one were to come true, he’d be all over the Internet saying, “See? I told you so! All eyes on me!”

Corona Police Department Entrapment and False Arrest 3-11-2015

Kevin Martin Tries To Cover Up His Prostitution Problem. “Kevin Martin and a friend were making a video about the inside deceptive tactics of the police. The police thought they could trap me. They were wrong. I found you and your sting and you won’t like it when you’re exposed for what you are.” Occurred On: Mar-28-2015

Phone Call from Kevin Martin aka “WeatherManKevin”

Weather Kevin Martin Goes Nuts During A Rant

Addressing Kevin’s Video

Real weatherman or somebody who can’t hold himself together?

WeathermanKevin: Welcome to the Hall of Mirrors! 🙂

Oh my, oh dear, oh disaster…

The fake Weatherman Kevin followed up on his latest threats and started another series of false DMCA claims against fellow youtube users he doesn’t agree with.

Amongst them are for sure NoMoreC2 and the EnergyFromGermany channel, but it’s likely to have hit more than just these two, so keep an eye out for other critical or funny videos about WeathermanKevin that might suddenly vanish from youtube.

This isn’t the first time he did this and this also won’t be the first time the “attacked” users will simply file a counter-claim and get their videos restored without further consequences.

Kevin is nothing more than a little wannabe bully, trying to scare his critics into silence with his little antics.

Too bad for him that now he is confronted with a little community of people who know a thing or two about their rights. 🙂